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Radar Services

Radar Services offer comprehensive IT Risk Management with integrated Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, Software Compliance, Advanced Persistent Threat Detection and SIEM. It involves automated detection of IT risks using RadarBox and manual analysis and assessment of risk by Security experts. All data collected by the RadarBox stays within the hardware in encrypted format and no data leaves the client’s company or authority at any time. RadarServices offer Comprehensive IT Monitoring and Mitigation solution to customers and given below are the prominent feature.

RadarServices is Europe‘s leading technology company in the field of Detection & Response.

In focus: The early detection of IT security risks for corporations and public authorities offered as a Solution or a Managed Service. The cutting-edge, inhouse-developed technology platform is the basis used for building up a client’s Security Operations Center (SOC) or it is used in combination with our expert analysts, documented processes and best practices as SOC as a Service. The result: Highly effective and efficient improvement of IT security and IT risk management, continuous IT security monitoring and an overview of security-related information throughout the entire IT landscape of an organization.

What RadarServices stands for?

  • Continuity. Risks and security flaws are detected as soon as they arise, not days, weeks or months later.
  • Comprehensiveness. Numerous sources of security-relevant information are considered.
  • Accuracy. Our work is customised to the client’s needs and results in directly applicable risk and security information.
  • Currentness. Our risk assessments and security recommendations are always up-to-date.
  • Efficiency. We noticeably reduce the burden on the client’s IT teams and enable them to focus on their core business.

Solutions & Managed Services


Building your SOC - Our technology. Your experts.

Building your SOC for your clients -Our technology. Your experts.

Managed Services

SOC as a Service - The complete package for your IT Security.

IT Security Monitoring - Log and network monitoring.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) - Collection, analysis and correlation of logs.

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection -Analyses web downloads and e-mail attachments.

IT Risk Detection -Monitoring & Auditing package.

Professional Services - Additional Services for IT-Security Monitoring.

Our approach and the results - It will only be reported when it is important.


EU General Data Protection - Protect the human behind the data record.


Identify and Stop Industrial Espionage - Competence series.

Industry 4.0 = Security 4.0? - Competence series.

IT Security for Smart Metering & SCADA systems Competence series.

Smart cyber security for smart cities - Competence series.