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A Proven Suite of Solutions

Our solutions stop 99% of attachment-based attacks. And every day, we detect and block advanced threats and compliance risks in more than 600 million emails, more than 7 million mobile apps, and hundreds of thousands of social-media accounts.

We also help customers share large files securely and protect sensitive information as it’s sent, stored, and archived.

Far-Reaching Intelligence and Visibility

  • No other cybersecurity vendor has a global intelligence platform that spans email, social and mobile. We collect and analyze more than 100 billion data points a day from more than 100 million email boxes, 200 million social-media accounts, and 7 million mobile apps.
  • This data-informed intelligence gives you critical visibility to understand the context and scale of an attack—and the actionable insight you need to resolve it quickly and effectively.

Advanced Threat Protection Product Suite

  • Detect, research, and respond to threats more quickly, accurately, and confidently.

Stop threats before they reach your people and respond quickly when things go wrong. Our innovative solutions prevent, detect, and notify you of advanced threats – through email, mobile, social, and the desktop – and help you resolve them before they cause lasting harm.

Detect and stop advanced threats

  • Prevent known and unknown threats—even those that don't use malware—from reaching your people.

Get complete visibility

  • Get the insight you need to stop and respond to today's advanced threats.

Respond quickly to incidents

  • Avoid alert fatigue. Investigate, prioritize and verify the threats that matter.

Targeted Attack Protection

  • Protect against advanced threats with the industry’s most robust email security platform and the most accurate view of the email threat landscape.

Threat Response

  • Respond faster to incidents by automating and streamlining manual tasks. Manage incidents across your entire security infrastructure in a single view.

ET Intelligence

  • Apply fully verified threat intelligence that includes proof of conviction, data on more than 40 threat categories, five-year history, and related samples, domains, and IPs.

Mobile Defense

  • Manage risky and malicious apps on iOS and Android. Get rich mobile app analysis and automated workflows for visibility, insight and control.